Apimon Documentation

Error Handling

We can't always give a 200 status; that's just a fact of life. If you happen to stumble across a non-200 response code, here's what it means:

Any other response codes are as per HTTP specification.

AS Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/as/asn

asn The autonomous system number you'd like to perform a lookup on.

Examples: 0, 1337, & 15169.

Country Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/country/arg

arg Country name or ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, alpha-3, or numeric country code.

Examples: CH, DEU, 840, & Austria.

Edge case: Antarctica doesn't have a currency.

DNS Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/dns/hostname

hostname The hostname you'd like to perform a DNS lookup on.

Examples: apimon.de, cname.apimon.de, & _srv._tcp.apimon.de

IP Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/ip/arg

arg The IP address you'd like to perform a lookup on.


Location and AS information might not be available for every IP address, especially IPv6.

Minecraft Data

GET https://apimon.de/mcdata/arg

arg Empty, version, or file path.

Examples: empty, version, & file path.

Minecraft Player Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/mcuser/arg

arg The player's UUID, current name, or old name suffixed by /old.

Examples: UUID, current name, & old name.

Minecraft Versions

GET https://apimon.de/mcversions/arg

arg Empty or version, optionally followed by /client or /server.

Examples: empty, version, client download, & server download.

Generate QR Code

GET https://apimon.de/qr/ecc/contents.png

ecc Error correction code (ECC). Need help?
contents The contents of the QR code.

Example: Hello, world!

My IP Address

GET https://ip.apimon.de

My IPv4 Address

GET https://ipv4.apimon.de

My IPv6 Address

GET https://ipv6.apimon.de

Redirect Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/redirect/url

url The URL you'd like to know the destination of.

Example: https://hax.to/hax

WHOIS Lookup

GET https://apimon.de/whois/url

url The domain you'd like to perform a WHOIS lookup on.

Examples: hellsh.com, & hellsh.de

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